Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Four in a row...

"What d'ya meeean mediocrity?!" -Faust Ver. 666

Monday, March 30, 2009


This is Guy here filling in for that lazy hack Tyrone today.

Three in a row? What a joke. I give this a week. He could barely finish three without me stepping in to contribute so basically he's already failed. I understand a lot of people don't know who I am so I have brought my personal interviewer today to begin the informing process. Let's begin...

Jim: Why are you always posing in your drawings? That's not very exciting.

Guy: Are you an idiot? Do you know what an action drawing of me would look like? Take a large black piece of charcoal and scribble all over your kitchen floor and that's me in action.

J: Can you really dodge rain?

G: Did you look at the drawing? Do you see any rain hitting me? Do you have any idea how fast the camera had to be to capture that moment?

J: How do you feel about Tyrone choosing Jynn for the main character of his comic over you?

G: I have nothing against Jynn but that was some kind of idiot double crossing move he pulled there. The comic was fine but if I were in it I would have killed everyone by the third page saving him a lot of time.

J: It has been said that drawings of characters with swords, and this includes you, is a waste of time and completely devoid of meaning or purpose.

G: Bunch of bull shit. Next question.

J: That's all the questions I wrote for you on the way here.

G: Fuck it. I'll ask myself questions then. Guy why am I so awesome?

G: I define the pinnacle of BS free character design. I was created during a time when self-doubt, conceptualizing, and thinking before doing didn't exist and the only thing that was possible was everything. I represent the purest form of, "Fuck you I'll draw whatever the fuck I want."

G: Man that was a good question.

J: You're so awesome Guy way better than Tyrone he's lame.

G: Just pathetic.

J: Too bad he'll be back tomorrow.

G: I know.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two in a row...

I really thought I'd have some comments to go with this drawing but I don't think you always have to say something. You can click on it to see a larger version.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"This will take some time!"

This is where I put the drawings I make. This blog will serve one purpose and only one purpose:

To make sure I draw every day.

It does not exist to show off how awesome my drawings are. That's not the point. Hell I don't plan on most of the first 20 drawings here being anything special. Either way that's not the point. You can hate every single drawing I put up here or love it, it does not matter to me. This blog does not exist to serve my ego. If you like my drawings you can tell me. If you hate my drawings you can go ahead and tell me. Either way it has no bearing on the main goal of this blog:

To make sure I draw every day.

All that being said I thank you for looking and thinking.


No one beats the box.