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Three Hundred and Six...

Writing a book and hiding for the rest of your life sounds like a fine idea.

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Three Hundred and Three...

In life we all need a plan, whether we want one or not. Humans are goal based and without goals we tend to end up killing ourselves. My plan is to look like this when I'm 40. I will be a writer, of course, who only ever wrote one book, but a pretty good one. I will have spent most of my earnings by then and will still rent while earning extra income at the Plaid Pantry. The eye patch is important because I will at some point save a family from a wild bear and lose my eye. This will help because if I ever tell someone I wrote a novel and they don't care I will have a back up story about how I killed a bear with my bare hands.

I'll tell everyone who comes into the bar I frequent that I wrote a novel and killed a bear and no one will care, or believe me, which is fine because I'll truthfully have lost my eye while riding my bike drunk, but I'll never say, "I could've been someone!" because that's not the point.

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Two Hundred Seventy Five Billion, Nine Hundred and Forty Two Gajillion Puppies... one star reviews:

"How the reader is supposed to have any empathy for a trust fund baby with a chip on his should escapes me. Maybe it's becuase I was not rich and angst-ridden as a teen."

"This is nothing but a priviledge wuss trying to be something that he never will be--a mature useful part of society."

"My god, probably the most boring, inconsequential book I ever read."

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Two Hundred and Ninety Six...

The ninja turtles are probably some of the best character design ever. You could draw them drunk, with finger paint, while blind folded and they'd come out looking cool as all hell.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Two Hundred and Ninety Three...

Lord of the Rings movie fan art (Return of the King - Extended)

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Two Hundred and Eighty Nine...

If fate were real do you think that squiggly lines would care what you did with your life?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Two Hundred and Eighty Six...

I can't put in words for you how good Fantastic Mr. Fox is. You'll just have to see it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two Hundred and Eighty Four...

All the great writers kill themselves.
Too bad it wasn't the opposite then we wouldn't get books like Twilight.

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Two Hundred and Eighty...

This guys is saying, "GO LAKERS!!!"



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Two Hundred and Seventy Nine...

I drew a barbie with a sword.

Oh and happy new year, whatever.